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Hi, my name is Thiago Tirapelle

Character Animation has always been a passion of mine and I have the amazing opportunity to be working with it for the last 6+ years. I´m currently working as an Animation Director/Supervisor for a kids TV show produced in Brazil by Hype.CG. I have also worded for Oktobor Animation in New Zealand, where I worked as a Character Animator on some great TV shows from Nickelodeon like Kung Fu Panda, Monster Vs Aliens, Penguins of Madagascar and Robot and Monster.

I hold a bachelor degree in Advertising from the Faculdades Curitiba in Curitiba / Brazil, a Certificate in Virtual Design, from the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan / Italy, a certificate in Character Animation from Animation Mentor, the online animation school. And I have also complied the iAnimate WS5 - Full body Action, and the Creature WS1 - Quadruped Locomotion

I'm an Italian / Brazilian Citizen, and I hold a New Zealand Resident Visa.
I'm also fluent in English, Italian and Portuguese, with advanced Spanish knowledge.

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