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THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY™ was born in 2008 under the guise of a blog with the purpose to promote and bring value to new artistic tendencies.
Over the years it has developed and reached its present form thanks to the hard work of Daniela De Giorgi Petkovic and Pedro Magalhães, respectively Serbian-Italian Professional freelance in Multimedia Communication and Portuguese designer with great artistic sensibility.

THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY™ has recently created a team composed by João Magalhães, João Castro and Francisco Lé (brand managers), Luis Francisco (graphic and digital designer) and Cláudia Fernandes (PR and digital strategist).

If you want to get more involved with the project, submit your artworks, suggest a collaboration or drop us a line, feel free to e-mail us via tisconnect@gmail.com or fill the contact form below.

Since its birth until today THIS IS SO CONTEMPORARY™ was fueled by the passion of those who work there and the moral support of the many fans who follow our adventures with enthusiasm from all over the world. Now we can survive and grow thanks to your generous contribution, just one click and you can help us to realize the dream of becoming one of the first online reference points in the contemporary art scene.

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