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Geist, Liebe, Freiheit.

Excerpt of the editorial of TISSUE N°3:

Aside from the six pages of advertising, we won’t ever sell you anything except inspiration. This makes for 124 pages of pure content: tits and ass and things related, coming together in a colour­ful eruption! Next to this spectacle of flesh, TISSUE is once more celebrating the wonder of life, proudly paying respect to all beings. In this third issue we’re giving a special tribute to the ones who brought us here and taught us so: our mothers.

But don’t get us wrong, we are not one of those theme-based magazines struggling to find a raison d’être with a flamboyant topic every publication. As a periodical we are only devoted to the artist and to you, dear reader. And a lucky bastard you are, holding this unique piece of good old craftsmanship in your hands. Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide, each one is dripping with six months of blood, sweat, and even some tears we shed within the walls of our editorial office.

It would be nothing though without our contributors who are giving their very best: their art. All for the creation itself (and not for the dollars). We are, because you are.

TISSUE is a bedroom-produced biannually art and sex manual.
TISSUE N°3 is out since Feb 26th 2013.

Contact via issue@tissuemagazine.com

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