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Titanium Art & Science is sponsored by Exotica Jewelry.

Exotica's Chris and Sandy Boothe have been making jewelry since 1969. From 1975 through 1981, Chris and a former partner owned and operated The Wedding Ring Store in Washington, D.C. In 1979, they became captivated by the unique qualities of titanium and produced their first titanium earring designs. Chris and Sandy then went on to add many additional jewelry designs in titanium and niobium.

In 1991, Chris combined his years of goldsmithing with his passion for titanium to produce beautiful titanium wedding rings. We have been online since 1995, and TitaniumRingsForever.com has been our Internet home since 1998.

We specialize in creating custom titanium wedding rings directly from photographs, drawings and ideas. See TitaniumRingsForever.com/custom for more.

To see other jewelry we create, please visit TitaniumBeads.com and Jewelry.ExoticaWorks.com

We'd love your feedback on our videos and on our work!

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