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During University, fascinated by multimedia communication, I learned self-taught graphic and editing software to start working in a media production company.

I worked in an italian private television since December 2006 till December 2012 as television technician.
My principal positions were:
Audio/Video editor for news service,
Motion grapher for intro/main title and commercials,
Director and Film camera operator for Tv Shows.
These roles simultaneously, gave me extensive experience of the television production process but also an exceptional ability to multi-task and meet the demands of workflow.
Being part of a busy production team creating a variety of content, I was required to be an efficient problem solver but also a great team-player.

I moved to London in April 2012.
Here I'm working as freelance in several projects as a Motion Grapher/Video Editor.
I think passion and determination are most important quality both in life and in career.

I'm always looking for new creative projects to develop my skills, especially as Video Editor.
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