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Tiffanie Hsu is a filmmaker whose passion for storytelling traverses the silver screen to the stage. With roots in China, Taiwan, California and the American Midwest, Hsu's upbringing allows her to draw upon a variety of narrative traditions in her work.

Hsu's fascination with narrative began to evolve at Harvard University where she directed several short films, both live action and animated. In 2009, her animated short THREE BEAUTIES won the Thomas T. Hoopes Prize, Harvard's highest honor for undergraduate work. On the stage she revived the Hyperion Shakespeare Company, and was involved in over twelve theater productions as director, writer, actor and producer.

More recently, Hsu worked for three years as Ang Lee's assistant on the Oscar®-winning film LIFE OF PI. The artistically and technologically groundbreaking film took her around the world, filming in Taiwan, India and Montreal, and posting in New York City and Los Angeles. Prior to LIFE OF PI, she worked with Taiwanese popstar Leehom Wang on the Mandarin-language film LOVE IN DISGUISE, helping to storyboard, write and edit the final product. She later directed and edited Wang's music video "Needing Somebody."

Hsu is currently directing and producing a stop-action animated short and writing her second feature screenplay.


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