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Ludlow Designs is a Visual Effects and Motion Design company that has developed over the past two years. Owner and lead designer, Tom Ludlow is graduating from the Art Institute of Colorado in June of 2010. By using this site to showcase work and talents, Ludlow Designs hopes to become a valuable asset in the Colorado Advertising Market.

A strong passion for multiple genres of art as well as music makes Ludlow's work far more engauging for the audience, by giving the viewer a sense of an experience and accomplishment at the end. Its safe to say this work takes you for a ride.

Most of the work shown has been done for class projects, personal advancement or educational purposes. Some work is "real" client work which was done through an internship at SPILLT, in Denver Colorado. Check them out at

Please feel free to contact Ludlow Designs for all of your Visual Effects and Motion Graphics needs as well as any available positions in the field.

-Tom Ludlow

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