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TThe New Gentlemen’s Club is a fresh take on a classic era business culture. Instead of relying on old money and corporate arrogance to speak to a younger, savvier, media-driven audience, we believe in a more innovative approach to achieving success.

It’s not about gender – anyone can be a New Gentleman. It’s about old-school ethics with a new-school attitude. It’s about respect, communication, and an open forum for client and agency to collaborate. It’s about communicating a message concisely and effectively. Our job is to filter out the noise and have your voice heard.

The New Gentlemen’s Club members are a team of talented and passionate individuals who are dedicated to consistently producing beautiful and impactful work. We have a collective background in art direction, brand experience, copywriting, web development, re-branding, print, marketing and project management. Our experiences span the globe, from London to Sydney, but we’ve made our base Vancouver; a city where beaches, mountain views, cold beer, hockey, and live music serve as our daily inspirational backdrop.

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