Tobias Funke

Hamburg, Germany

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My view and interest in video goes back to the time I took a rest at Tango Milongas, exausted after hours of dance. I played around and took some shots with more and more fascination to capture the moment in a way it starts to spek a story out of a single picture. After a while I realized that video was the next challange for me when pictures view and focus start mooving. While I still love to dance I also love to wach, capture and compose views of dance.
If you are interested in dance videos I'm happy to work with you!

External Links

  • Contango - Discover playful dance with contact, Improvisation, couple dance, music and much more. Get into connection with body physics, feelings, needs atmosphere to find your dance.
  • Tango Argentino Nuevo in Hamburg - Tango Argentino in all the wide beauty. From deep connection in close embrace and reduced movements to playful new style when the connection can be reduced to a sparkling eye contact.


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