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Tobi Vogel is a music composer for Adverts, TV, Film, Games and Artists from Hamburg/Germany. He studied Popular Music and Media (Master of Arts) at Detmold´s esteemed „Hochschule für Musik“, one of the leading institutions for professional music education in Europe.

In 2008 Tobi was chosen by HAUS International LLC/ New York to be one of their in-house composers and has written music for brands like Windows Phone, Porsche, Coke, OBI, Glossybox, Siemens/Bosch, Parship and Microsoft.

For the american TV-Spot of Maxwell House, Tobi Vogel collaborated with the british singer Olivia Broadfield who racked up over 50 TV placements such as Vampire Diaries, Grey´s Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer.

Besides several musical projects (Early Bird, Stars & Dust), Tobi is also a band-member of the highly acclaimed Postrock group “Suchtmaschine“.

In January 2013 Tobi´s „Early Bird Mix“ of Alex Clare´s single „Hummingbird“ won the Remix competition and has been chosen by the artist to be given away as a free Download to his fans around the world: „Really impressed with the simplicity and feel. This was really beautifully done, gave me goosebumps…” (Alex Clare via Facebook)

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