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The Hague, The Netherlands

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International Festival Beyond Art
The Hague, the Netherlands

TodaysArt is an annual festival concept that revolves around the presentation and development of adventurous contemporary visual and performing arts. Since its inception in 2005, the festival has amplified and celebrated the current creative climate and has brought international artists, thinkers and audiences to The Hague. By consistently offering a high quality, diverse and inspiring program, TodaysArt retained the position as one of the world’s most accessible art, music and technology festivals of its scale.

TodaysArt's transdisciplinary and city-wide program consisting of day and evening programs (concerts, performances and exhibitions), installations and interventions in public spaces (Amplified Architecture), club programs (electronic dance music and related audiovisual arts), a Symposium, workshops and education projects and TodaysArt Periphery (partner programs presented by local cultural initiatives).

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  1. VOlumens
  3. Martin Juhls
  4. A Happy Family
  5. Marko Peljhan
  6. ali demirel
  7. recordedfields
  8. Multitouch Berlin
  9. Pierce Warnecke
  10. neutrino programm
  11. Nest
  12. Auto Italia
  13. Shintaro Miyazaki
  14. spazioULTRA
  15. Bier en Brood
  16. Joeri Woudstra
  17. Kamiel Rongen
  18. Konrad Smolenski

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