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An originator of the UK VJ scene, Todd Graft’s dark wit has featured in his art installations and performances at the forefront of club and fashion culture over the last two decades. As a self professed “megalomediac”, he developed a version of touch screen mixing in the mid 90’s and was one of the founders of AVIT, the first annual global conference dedicated to VJ culture. His talents have now developed into designing video installations for ambitious acts and promoters in the music / dance / festival world. As an art and technical director of Microchunk he is always looking for innovative and integrated bespoke solutions for any creative brief. As a VJ, he has performed at the top of his field with countless acts and lent his live design skills to numerous campaigns and tours. His imagery is both "subtellectual" and creatively striking in its use of line, form and shadow and the style of his visual presence is born from a diverse use of many tools. ..

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