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Heather Tobin is an emerging film director, writer, D.O.P. & editor. She graduated from the three year Broadcasting Program as a Film Major at Niagara College Canada with honors. During her time there, she was awarded the Bob Johnson Award for best all around student in academics and practical work, an award for best cinematography in a short film and an award for her final thesis paper on the importance of the female vision in the film industry. She was a finalist for the 2003 National Apprenticeship Training Program with the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

Since graduation in 2003 she has started up her own Independent film company, "To Each Her Own Films". She has completed a broadcast commercial (staring the Olympic figure skater, Steven Cousins); a short film entitled "Envoy", a feature length documentary on same-sex marriage entitled "I Do?". "I Do? (a documentary profiling same-sex marriage)"-2005 had its world premiere at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, where it received an award for Best Gay Film. Heather's next project, a feature length drama entitled, "To Each Her Own" (titled after her film company)-2008; is a heart felt lesbian coming out story. To Each Her Own played at over 80 festivals around the world winning awards such as Best Lesbian Drama at the Long Island NY's Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Best First Feature at Toronto's Inside Out Gay and Lesbian Festival, an audience award for Best Film at the South Texas Underground Film Festival, Bronze Plaque at the 56th Christopher Columbas Award Ohio & 1st Runner Up for Best Feature at the Great Lakes International Independent Film Festival. Heather completed a promotional video for the biggest sports and memorabilia card show in Canada at the International Centre-2010. This 10 minute video featured Hockey players: Paul Coffey, Bobby Clarke, Grant Fuhr & Ray Bourque. Heather was a camera operator for Out TV's hit show "Chris & John to the Rescue (In Provincetown)" chrisandjohnonline.com/ -2007-2008. Heather has also filmed & edited numerous wedding, corporate and music videos. Heather's most recent work is “Route of Acceptance”-2012. She wrote and directed this lesbian dramatic concept film which plays with the idea of destiny vs fate. Route of Acceptance is currently touring the world festival circuit.



To Each Her Own Films new dramatic feature, "Route of Acceptance", is a concept film that plays with the idea of the possible existence of destiny. Aspiring film writer Ryan Stark, is having a hard time deciding what University to go to and is fearful to leave the comforts and predictability of high school and her life thus far. The film explores three realities of this young lesbian's life and shows how a decision like your school selection can change your entire future. Each life path evokes intense emotions as Ryan is torn between her love for career, family and marriage.

Sep 2006 to May 2009
'To Each Her Own' is a twenty-something coming of age story of a closeted, young married woman, Jessica Sutterland (Hannah Hogan) whose life is turned upside-down after a chance meeting with openly gay Casey (Dre Carrington).

I DO? (a doctumantary profiling same-sex marriage)
Apr 2004 to May 2006
"I DO? (a documentary profiling same-sex marriage)- The controversy over allowing the homosexual population to marry has sparked many debates in Canada and around the world. On July 19th 2005 the Senate passed the equal marriage bill C-38 by 47 to 21. On July 20th at 4:56 p.m. the bill received Royal Assent and was proclaimed into law at 6:09 p.m. Canadians can now marry in every jurisdiction. The documentary explores the views of many gay people and their supporters, in the mission to discover what it is exactly that the gay population thinks about same-sex marriage. As well as to educate the general public about the situation from the views of the people who it effects most. Having started filming before it was a federal law the film "I Do? (a documentary profiling same-sex marriage) shows the progression of the event and dares to go head on with a topic that is being hushed and kept on the down low.

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