Barcelona, Spain.

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An artistic proposal that doesn’t aim to attract any audience, but one interested in new experiences on stage, in discovering a non-premeditated sound, muchless prefabricated.

TofLang generates multiple layers and infinite textures from improvisation and trial and error, but without falling into mistakes, achieving this not only through music but also images.

This music/visual project was born in Barcelona (2009) and is lead by Rafael Giner (composition / guitar / synth / voice). Alongside are Tomas Mena (drums) and Julio Urbina (visuals).

The trio, each from their corner, manage to create a genuine feeling from synthesizers, drums, guitars, bass, loops, and lyrics. The rythmic flows generated by a young man who composes alone from the hills of Barcelona, an offshore drummer who gives weight to the composition a visual artist who captures the essence of the sound in frames per seconds. Together they always achieve to bring the audience into an introspective trip.

Written by: Luz Cortázar

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