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The actual origin of Tofusquirrel is ensconced in mystery, but legend has it that she was brought to earth in a nut-shaped spacecraft and raised by an ancient clan of mystic squirrels. To fulfill a prophecy of the forest, the clan imparted to Tofusquirrel the esoteric craft of drawing. At the spry age of nine, she bid her squirrel friends farewell, packed up her pens and markers (along with a few of her favorite comic books) and found herself in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Lost and hungry, searching for nuts and answers, she met handfuls of talented people that introduced her to new techniques, inspired her, and encouraged her to follow her dreams of being an illustrator.
Since then, she has been creating colorful gig posters and illustrations for New England Comics, MC Chris, Slick Rick, Casey Desmond, Harry and the Potters, Thee Oh Sees, Math the Band, Bad Rabbits, National Portfolio Day, Northeastern University,, and more. Tofusquirrel was included in a rock poster art show, along with some of the most famous rock poster illustrators in the world. The show was associated with a rock poster documentary being shown at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Her work has been displayed at galleries, store fronts, New England Comics during Free Comic Book Day, The New York and Boston Comic Con, Art Basel Miami, and billboards for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer in cities across America.
In 2009, Tofusquirrel was flown to LA to do live painting along with Tara McPherson at the Hive Gallery during the very first Feminality show, all female art, hosted by Wizard Sleeve Toys. In 2011, Tofusquirrel’s work was displayed in Tara McPherson’s Tiny Trifecta art show, also the grand opening of the Cotton Candy Machine art boutique in NY. Dozens of low brow/pop surrealism artists were also in the show. Fans camped out in front of the boutique the night before, and the event was filmed by MTV.
Tofusquirrel has been published in LA Weekly, The Boston Phoenix, ColorInkBook Volume 11, The Boston Metro, The Boston Herald, The Weekly Dig, WIRED, STUFF Magazine, The FAT CHUNK robot anthology, I Luv Halloween 3, and more. She was featured in the Best of Boston 2008 and 2010 issues of the Boston Phoenix Newspaper, highlighting her gig posters and Paint Pens in Purses (an urban female art collective). In 2011, she illustrated an octopus for the cover of “The Best of” issue of the Phoenix for Boston, Providence, and Portland. In 2010, FuelTV flew to Boston to film Tofusquirrel and her work. The Tofusquirrel segment aired during Mountain Dew’s Green Label Experience Skate Championships. Her artwork was also shown during the championship commercials. In early 2011, Tofusquirrel did a special illustration event at the Boylston Street Apple Store in Boston, Apple’s largest location in America. Tofusquirrel’s event was advertised on During her event, she demonstrated how to color illustrations on a mac. In 2012, she won the 1st place award for illustration at the New England Newspaper & Press Association Awards, for the Phoenix’s “Best of 2011″ octopus cover illustration.
Tofusquirrel’s work is mostly hand drawn with pens and colored with prismacolor markers. Her digital work is prepared using the usual suspects of Adobe and Apple software. When Tofusquirrel is not drawing, she sneaks off to a cavern on a secret island where she works on a hovercraft/submarine, planning to embark upon underwater adventures with her clan of mystic squirrels. She hopes that someday her art will bring all the creatures of this world together to celebrate inner-species harmony through electro dance parties and ice cream socials.

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