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Mama Tokus is:
* entertaining, edifying funky and funny, writing/playing original tunes and sly interpretations
* a nu-music-hall performer
* a poetess
* a hostess and MC
Mama Tokus writes and sings nu soul, blues and R&B tunes (old, proper Ray Charles-style R&B, that is), nu-music-hall ditties and humorous (but always groovy) tunes – memorable originals and interpretations.

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  1. Al Gardner

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  1. Mama Tokus commented on MamaTokus 1
    Thanks Al - great footage! Great memories captured beautifully. You can see more Mama Tokus at or find out more about me at and
  2. Mama Tokus commented on Beneath 360
    Fantastic stuff! Truly immersive, even in boring old 2D. Loved the sound design, the edits, the lot. Proud to be slightly associated witchoo!
  3. Is that real? It feels like it is. Heart-tugging. xx
  4. I'm booking my ticket for 2013...
  5. What a touching portrait. I was gripped! Really lovely photography too. That helicopter shot's great. xx