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Tokyo, Japan

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American with long-term residence in Japan; fluency in spoken and written Japanese; graduate of University of Hawaii, B.A. Japanese.

In Japan, I am self-employed as Visionworks. I am involved with TV talent productions, wedding services, online e-commerce, MacWin IT hybrid solutions, and multimedia productions.

Interests: Videography, photography, bicycling, travel, swimming, snow skiing, hiking, general outdoors, Japanese Taiko (drums).

Music preference: Classical, light jazz, New Age, musicals and movie production soundtracks, oldies.

Video and Vimeo
My interest at vimeo stems from an increasing interest in videography and cinematography. Photography is also great, but once viewed and stared at for 5-10 seconds, they ultimately end up in one's electronic shoebox perhaps never to be viewed again. Video, expands imagery to new dimensions by adding the dimensions of motion and sound to imagery. You might captivate an viewing audience's attention for a minute or two. If one becomes good enough, it is possible to captivate an audience's viewing and attention 2-3 hours or more. (Avatar... Lord of the Rings... Star Wars series) Videography levels the playing field for the creativity in one's self to be the producer or director you might wish to become.

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