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Sam Lanyon Jones and Drew cope were raised by Amish foster parents and were terrified of televisions and computers until divine intervention exposed them to the joy of internet porn. Together they fathered tokyoplastic and from humble beginnings as a 15 second clay-mation nano-series it swept across the vastness of the interweb and touched the heart of a small audience of millions.
Having become soulless whore slaves to the world of advertising they are both looking forward to returning to Philadelphia where Kelly McGillis will nurse them back to health.
Their awards are too numerous to list here (most significantly the audience award at the Sundance online film festival, the Flash Forward 3D category (three years in a row) and a lovely D&AD pencil) and their creative projects cover a spectrum ranging from dildo design to the direction of multimillion dollar international advertising campaigns.

P.S. Don't write to us here - use tokyoplastic2 (at)

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