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Tomás Donoso has photographed everything from lobster divers and organic farmers to professional climbers at the peak of their careers. Donoso hails from Santiago, Chile, and has spent some time in Beantown, too, while attending Boston College to study psychology and history.

His work led him to Honduras, where he documented the life of an injured lobster diver for American Public Media’s Marketplace-WORKING SERIES. This collection of stories would go on to win the prestigious Sigma Delta Chi Award in 2008 for excellence in journalism. This story got him stuck in a tiny boat in the Carribbean with no land in sight, very little gas, and a looming thunderstorm. As he says, “Luckily, everything worked out, but I honestly felt like I was going to either drown or get eaten by sharks.”

Prior to pursuing freelance work, Donoso worked for the National Labor Committee, a non-profit that promotes the human rights of workers worldwide, as a researcher, translator and multi-media designer. He participated in a number of hard-hitting campaigns exposing the use of sweatshop labor by major corporations and celebrities, such as Walmart and P. Diddy. Part of his work involved equipping workers with hidden cameras. The media collected was used to corroborate and illustrate the scathing exposés written by director Charles Kernaghan.

Since 2009, Tomás has dedicated his photographic energies into producing top-notch adventure stories while simultaneously traveling and rock climbing as much as possible. Along the way he has been recognized by Rock & Ice Magazine as a top climbing photographer. This past year he has begun dedicating his photographic and writing abilities to making moving pictures.

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