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  1. 22:27


    by Tomas Ferrandiz

    6 Videos

  2. 33:31


    by Tomas Ferrandiz

    10 Videos

    Digital interactions, multimedia and instalations

  3. 07:44:09

    Inspiration & Timelapses

    by Tomas Ferrandiz

    111 Videos

    Inspirational videos, images and visual experiments

  4. 02:11:29


    by Tomas Ferrandiz

    18 Videos

    Some good shortmovies on Vimeo

  5. 04:55:28

    Science Fiction Shortmovies

    by Tomas Ferrandiz

    38 Videos

    Best Vimeo's science fiction shortmovies

  6. 03:04:12

    Tutoriales HDSLR

    by Tomas Ferrandiz

    20 Videos

    Tutoriales, usos y consejos sobre grabación y producción con cámaras HDSLR

  7. 26:44

    Edit and effects

    by Tomas Ferrandiz

    4 Videos

    Trucos y consejos de edición y efectos

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