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Davide Tomat: singer, musician, composer and producer.
After some years of militancy in the band "Toys" in 1997 create the first self-produced record "Superbudda 1993" with the band Superbudda. In 2000 he does the remix of the song "Sfumature" the band's 99 POSSE produced by Carlo Rossi and placed in the e.p. "Sfumature Remix" and the "best of" of the band "NA 99 10". In 2001 produces two songs for the soundtrack of the movie "South Kensington" with Rupert Everett, Henry Brignano, Giampaolo Morelli and Elle Macpherson directed by Vanzina brothers. In 2001 as lead singer of the band Modarte he releases the first ep Modarte "Io ci sarò" produced by Carlo Rossi with the label Supple Production and Self distribution. In 2003 he founds the Superbudda Studio in Turin.
In 2004 produces the remix of the Morgan song "The Baby" for the single "The Baby ep - Genealogia di una canzone." In 2005 as a singer and producer of the band N.A.M.B. he releases the "homonym"record with Sony distribution and Mescal label. The song "Sogni" is used for the soundtrack of the film "Andata + Ritorno" directed by Marco Ponti with Vanessa Incontrada and Libero de Rienzo. With N.A.M.B. Davide does four videos: "Black Hole Sun", "Snake Love" "Solo un'idea" and "Crashing Apart" transmitted from the main Italian broadcasters. The N.A.M.B. record takes Davide on the main talian stages as supporters to artists such as the american Spoon, Blonde Red Head and Fantomas, the british Cikinki and the italians Afterhours, Tiromancino and 99 POSSE with Madaski from Africa United on stage on keyboards. In October, N.A.M.B. participate in the compilation "With Garbo", a tribute to Garbo, with a remix version of "Ainsi dans une nuit" with the greatest Italian artists. David workes olso in the studio co-producing with Madaski the record "Ulteriormente" by Francesco C. and mixing the album "Volume 3" by The Art Of Zapping.
In 2006, Davide participates in the humanitarian project "Rezophonic" with Mario Riso, with a remix of the song "Can You Hear Me" with Madaski and Francesca Scabbia from Lacuna Coil. In may N.A.M.B. made a video with Luca Pastore and the writer Younis Tawfik revisiting "La cura" of Battiato for Turin's Book Capital 2006.
David produces the band's debut album "Post." In 2007 David mixes three songs of the debut album "do not panic, be organic."of the band Drink To Me from the. In 2007 Davide with Diego Perrone and Gabriele Ottino creates the NIAGARA project with the "Homonym" records and performs with the director Walter Malosti into "Song to the Siren" at the Fondazione Merz in Turin. In 2008 Davide produced the third album of Medusa "I musicisti hanno facce tristi" and in the summer of 2009 the second album of Drink To Me "Brazil". in October 2009 he release throughout Europe, the second N.A.M.B. album "BMAN" (concept about about the adventures of the hero robots BMAN accompanied by a booklet of 100 pages of drawings made by maq4ka to illustrate the adventures of the protagonist) with the London label Monotreme Records and the Cargo European distribution. In 2010 "BMAN" is released in the U.S. and international critical acclaim proving out the video of "Radiorace" broadcast by the major national television stations. In sudio Davide produces with Maurizio Borgna the british Crash of Rhinos album and the Italians Distanti one. In 2010 and 2011 works on sound design and music for commercials for Eco Store and Exe, for theatre acts like "Operette Morali" of the italian director Mario Martone, for movies like the soundtrack of Lorenzo Vignolo's film "workers" and N.A.M.B. "L.o.n."song is chosen as the soundtrack of the trailer for the thirteenth edition of the "Brooklyn International Film Festival 2010". 2011. Right now Davide Tomat has finished his first solo album "01-06 june" and the first Niagara e.p. . Both will be released in February 2012 with Monotreme Records.
Davide has recently created a new live project GEMINI EXCERPT based on improvisation with his studio partner Gabriele Ottino.
Right now they are working on the first Niagara album that will be released in october 2012 with Monotreme Records.
Stay tuned!

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