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  1. Fly's Eye Films
  2. Pickerel Pie Entertainment

    Pickerel Pie Entertainment Plus New York


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    Since its founding in 2002, Pickerel Pie Entertainment (PPE) has become one of the top creative programming and production firms in the country, crafting award-winning media content and creative branding strategies for a handful of Fortune 500 and entertainment clients. Executive Producer and Creative…

  3. Redglass Pictures

    Redglass Pictures Plus New York City


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    Redglass Pictures is a New York based production studio committed to crafting compelling narratives that inspire and illuminate. From large public installations to short pieces for the web, we strive for that epic, surprising, and sometimes emotional moment of chemistry between the story and the audience. @redglasspix

  4. Joe Beshenkovsky & Jason Bitner

    Joe Beshenkovsky & Jason Bitner New York, NY


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    Director Joe Beshenkovsky was nominated for two Emmy Awards for Nonfiction Editing for his work on the Showtime television series “This American Life,” based on the celebrated public radio program. Other projects include “Objectified,” a documentary film currently in theaters,…

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