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  1. Verbier Ski Mountaineering

    Verbier Ski Mountaineering Plus Bagnes, Switzerland


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    Les championnats du monde de Ski Alpinisme se dérouleront à Verbier – Val de Bagnes du 6 au 12 février 2015 en Suisse. The Ski-mountaineering World Championship will take place from 6th to 12th of February 2015 in Switzerland, Verbier – Val de Bagnes. E-mail : info@verbier2015.ch Web…

  2. Mark Smiley

    Mark Smiley Plus Jackson, Wyoming


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    Visit www.smileysproject.com for more details about the journey to climb the Fifty Classic Climbs of North America. I am a mountain guide, photographer, and videographer...will travel.

  3. Creative Impact Ministries

    Creative Impact Ministries PRO Nampa, ID and "The Field"


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    We are former pastors who now travel the world to shoot and edit videos and short documentaries that tell the stories and share the hearts of missionaries and the people they serve. As self-funded missionaries ourselves, we do not charge other missionaries for our services. You may contact us through…

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