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  1. The Nature of Code

    by shiffman subscribed to

    66 Videos / 1,750 Followers

    Videos for The Nature of Code course http://natureofcode.com

  2. Raspberry Pi Related Video Channel

    by Mac Rutan subscribed to

    143 Videos / 31 Followers

    This is but one place to go for Raspberry Pi information on Vimeo. This site is curated with the intent to filter content to be appropriate for kids. That doesn't Mean we will go soft on the…

  3. The Observatory

    by Martin Craster subscribed to

    279 Videos / 304 Followers

    The Observatory celebrates the phenomena of animation and motion graphics that graces our tiny planet.

  4. 3d|MotionDesign

    by Remo Gambacciani subscribed to

    289 Videos / 1,585 Followers

    This channel is all about 3d motion design! We feature extraordinary motion graphics, 3d tracked matchmoves, 3D animation and almost every kind of stylish 3d motion design. If you have something…

  5. Animation Muse

    by Alex Amelines subscribed to

    967 Videos / 1,341 Followers

    This is a collection of inspiring pieces of CHARACTER animation. The kind that make you want to grab pen and paper or run to your computer and start creating. For more inspiration visit http://www.onehugeeye.com/

  6. Motion Soup: Motion Graphics and Animation.

    by DMD at Red River College subscribed to

    1,168 Videos / 3,537 Followers

    Awesome Motion Graphics and Animation on Vimeo. No reels.

  7. DIMENSIONVFX | VFX & Animation

    by Miguel Gómez subscribed to

    3,537 Videos / 4,044 Followers

    The Best VFX & Animation Projects http://miguelgomez.eu

  8. FLOTS

    by FLOTS subscribed to

    2,584 Videos / 93 Followers

    Colección de animaciones o reportajes con motivaciones pensando en todos los niños o en quien siente como ellos y en hacer su mente más ágil en un mundo tan versátil.

  9. Documentary Film

    by Brian Van Peski subscribed to

    703 Videos / 43.2K Followers

    A place for Vimeo's documentaries including full documentaries, single chapters, or extended trailers, over 3 minutes in length.

  10. Datavisualization.ch

    by me@benjaminwiederkehr.com subscribed to

    421 Videos / 2,412 Followers

    Research findings in data visualization captured, streamed, animated… beautified!

  11. Awesome Motion Graphics

    by Michael Rostenbach subscribed to

    518 Videos / 2,182 Followers

    Slick and amazing motion graphics!

  12. Best of C4D Tutorials.

    by Ben Toh subscribed to

    2,671 Videos / 9,389 Followers

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