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Tom is an emerging writer/director and graduating student from the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts. Prior to embarking on his adventure to Melbourne, Tom studied film and design in Temasek Design School.

Tom has always been interested in making films that challenge his audience emotionally and intellectually, while exploring themes that are deeply personal. The stories he tells focuses on the juxtaposition of the intricate nature and the power that relationships have in our lives.

As a born lover of visuals, Tom has a background in photography and graphic design, and found his passion for filmmaking when he discovered how it married his love of storytelling with moving images.


  1. MZed
  2. Design Indaba
  3. NYU-Short Commercial Forms
  4. Arcade
  5. Matthew Butler
  6. cinema5D
  7. Zhao Wei Films
  8. Dan Chung
  9. Marcia Ong
  10. Dragon Image
  11. Jacky Lee (TheBoyWhoCriedAction)
  12. Camille Marotte
  13. Nelson Cragg
  14. Vijay Kartik
  15. Mego Lin
  16. Gladys Ng
  18. Curtis Hill

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