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Hello! I'm a professional actor, writer, producer living in London. I currently host a monthly short film and music event at venues across London called, logically: SHRTFLM.

I have now launched the SHRTFLM programme for online channel at Pinewood Studios.

SHRTFLM is a 10-minute version of the short film screenings I do at live venues.

SHRTFLM features:
*films under 3mins
*60-Second Interview with a guest director
*Best Film award as voted by the viewers

A live presentation of short films by independent filmmakers at venues across London
I screen innovative films by emerging and established filmmakers, have a director's Q & A and even a prize for Best Film! yay!
5-10 minutes or shorter; mb a bit longer if you really impress!
It's a great opportunity to watch cool flicks and network with other filmmakers

Send your film file to: SHRTFLM@YAHOO.COM

Tom Whelehan
Producer, SHRTFLM


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