Tom Wiedemann

Hambur/Berlin, Germany

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I'm a freelance director based in Hamburg and Berlin.
Capture true emotions is what I strive for no matter what the subject of a project might be.

For a list of projects check my crew-united profile:


  1. Ben Dowden
  2. Keith Loutit
  3. Hampus Lideborg
  4. Josh Piersma
  5. Travel Delight
  6. Marco Thau
  7. Herr von Müller
  8. Robin Polák
  9. King and Country
  10. Jack Rath
  11. Frederik Hausburg
  12. Philipp Seefeldt
  13. Carlos Lima
  15. Jana König
  16. Markus Wollschläger
  18. Oliver Koelle

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