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Melbourne, Australia

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In my day job, I am a freelance Project Manager and consult to companies around the world, helping them drive complex, transformational changes. I am truly blessed - my work has taken me to USA, American Samoa, Fiji, Jordan and now my hometown - Melbourne, Australia.

As a freelancer, I love the idea that we can make a difference when we grab our stakeholders and connect with them - engage them, immerse them, make that emotional connection so that they can SEE what we are building and FEEL how their lives will change.

I love storytelling - hearing people tell their stories, watching their eyes light up, seeing what excites and motivates them, then finding out ways to harness that energy.

Drives me nuts! Bring it on.

In my spare time, I blog and speak on Project Leadership (, drown in the art and majesty of Bob Dylan, worship at the alter of Charles Dickens, drink too much tea, run a little, audition for movie extra roles and live for my daughter.

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  1. Well done Charlie, I think you did a great job. Tight, moody, suspenseful. You should be very proud.