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After graduating from the Griffith Film School and completing a Masters in Drama at Queensland University of Technology, Tony started his own film production company in his hometown of Brisbane, Australia.

He soon found a place for himself in the music scene directing dozens of music videos for some of Australia's best bands including Regurgitator, Spiderbait and The Superjesus. Savage Garden’s “Truly, Madly, Deeply” earned him his first ARIA Award in 1997 for Best Australian Music Video.

Two years working at MTV Australia allowed Tony to write, direct and edit over fifty promos. After a stint as Editor at Cutting Edge he moved on to directing commercials with Streetlight Films in Sydney. He also traveled to locations around the world to direct second unit and edit for Paul Street. His 2005 film ‘Crossing’ was shortlisted for Sydney’s Tropfest. In the same year, he directed a series of music videos for Russell Crowe in the south of France.

Tony moved to Los Angeles and in between making commercials and developing his own film 'Passenger', he edited the two other features: 'Borderlands' and ‘The Loneliest Road In America’.

His also has been toiling away for the last three years on his documentary passion project, ‘The Fall of Occupy LA’ which is now complete and uploaded to Vimeo On Demand. It is his debut feature as director.


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