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Florida, USA

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"Awakening is the fulfillment of life's purpose and it is towards that end that I journey." Tony Titshall

TONY TITSHALL writes and speaks on the practicality of mysticism and the simplicity of its healing truth in everyday life. After 40 years as a student of the Infinite Way, the teaching of twentieth century mystic and healer Joel S. Goldsmith, and taught by Lorraine Sinkler, herself a student and editor of Goldsmith’s writings, he now willingly shares the fruits of his own journey with those who likewise prepare for the coming of the Day of Awakening, a moment forever come and ever present within and as every man.

He has been a sought-after practitioner of spiritual principles for over 30 years and traveled extensively for 12 years, teaching and sharing the ways of Spirit and the silence of mystical consciousness, giving over 700 hours of recorded lecture work.

Throughout his teaching work, a work that leads the student from demonstration to revelation via the path of dissolution, he acknowledges the universal, indivisible nature of the One Life, the One Self, as the reality of true identity and the truth of All Being. His experiential classwork sessions, which he calls “Revelations of the Moment,” are spontaneous outpourings and impartations offered as a result of silent awareness and inner surrender.

Originally from London, England, Tony Titshall now lives in Boca Raton, Florida. He took two years off from travel and classwork to write his book, The Day of Awakening: A Book of Revelation and Self-discovery, described by readers as “a spiritual classic,” “an inspirational message for the ages,” and “a work for all mankind.”

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