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Greetings all,

Reese here. I am "Top 5 Dead or Alive: The Show!!!". I am the Executive Producer, editor, talent coordinator, host and creator of the show, and I love it!!! I am a graduate of Georgia State University, where I did 4 years of radio on WRAS Atlanta. I am also a graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where I do majority of my editing. My passion lies in camera operation, production, and on-air radio and television hosting. Editing is cool but ya know...

Basically, I just need this show to be successful. Want to be a part of the production? Hit me at topfivedeadoralive@gmail.com

Please feel free to give any feedback, or constructive criticism.

Peace to the other major components of the show. Kimberly Stewart, Divine Dantes, Lex Boogie and Goldie Gold.


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