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Copenhagen based and frequently Asia based Director of Photography with 20+ years in the great adventure of moviemaking
Contact: dop@torbenforsberg

Danish Torben Forsberg is an award winning Director of Photography, who has also been personally honored for his work by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe ll of Denmark. He speaks four languages and is truly in his element when filming all over the planet, especially in seriously complicated and challenging conditions such as the Arctic, the tropics, deserts, jungles, oceans and mountains.

Torben Forsberg stands out with his Scandinavian naturalistic light simplicity, coming from a background as fashion and interior photographer, the ability to quickly analyze the mise en scène and effectively come up with stylish creative storytelling techniques, while still keeping within production constraints.

With his important background shooting feature films, Torben can reinforce the cinematic look in many directions and he is known for his diversity in handling serious complicated technical shooting in big scale lighting and multiple camera set-ups.

Torben was awarded the prize “Best Cinematography” at The International New York City Film Festival 2011 for his latest feature film “A Handful of Sea” shot in Istanbul and the Mediterranean Sea.

“After being DP on more than a dozen feature films, I enjoy very much shooting commercials again, using my extended global experience in working with actors and dialogue, action, cars, helicopters, maritime environment. I see myself as a true visual storyteller and love combining the best from both worlds of commercials and movies”

Feel free to contact me, I travel to wherever the good people and projects are.
Mail me:

Worked in the following countries:
USA, Caribbean Islands, Honduras, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Great Britain, France, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Turkey, Russia,Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Malta, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Eritrea, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Arabian Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Dubai, India, Andaman Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, French Polynesia and Australia

Special Expertise:
Extended feature film and expedition experience working under complicated conditions such as arctic climates, tropical climates, desert, jungle, mountains and location shooting in big cities.
Large scale lighting- and camera set-ups.
Extensive expertise in cooperating with large international crews with different cultural backgrounds.
Maritime/underwater and Wescam aerial cinematography, wild animals and experienced ocean voyage yachtsman.

2011 - Winner of "best Cinematography" at The New York City International Film Festival for the feature film
"A Hand Full Of Sea"
Torben Forsberg received personally from her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark for his work on Expedition Sirius 2000 "The Royal Medal of Recompense with Crown"
The Shortlist Kodak Award, San Diego USA 2004 "Heartbeat"
Amnesty International Award 2006 "The Price of the Pole"

The National Film School of Denmark 1989-1993 (Cinematography)
The international Film Workshops in Maine (Rockport, USA)
working 6 months as an intern and attending classes with Vilmos Zigmond ASC, Victor Kemper ASC, Billy Williams BSC and Gordon Willis ASC
Working as a fashion and interior design photographer 1985-92 for magazines such as IN Magazine
and World of Interior.


“The Wild Swans” (cinema release Dec. 09)
A fairy tale in close collaboration with Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. The production transforms H.C Andersen’s fairy tale The Wild Swans into a spectacular universe and transports the viewer into an artistically dark, magic world populated with princes, princesses, evil stepmothers, corpse eaters and toads. 
The Production design was created by Queen Margrethe II, and achieved using subtle 3D computer effects and actors who emphasize the epic nature of the story. The film examines life’s great themes: love, wickedness, perseverance and the indefatigable struggle for justice.
Director: Peter Flinth
Produced by JJ Film Productions
Starring: Thure Lindhardt, Ghita Nørby, Stine Fisher Christensen, Jens Jørn Spottag, Benedicte Hansen
Shot on Arriflex D21 and Cooke S4 lenses

Action Thriller
”In a Dark world of drugs, where everyone is a traitor - revenge is the name of the game”. 146min. cinema release 2008
90 days of shooting in Istanbul, Amsterdam and on the island of Malta.
Budget 9 million Euros, 75.000 meter 35mm film stock shot on ARRI cameras with CookeS4/Intelligent lenses.
Directed by Osman Sinav
Produced by Sinegraf and United Pictures International
Starring: Udo Kier, Mehmet Kurtulus

Adventure Drama
The movie leads us into the darkness of Indian mythology.....
18 weeks filming in Panavision on location in India, Los Angeles and the Himalayas.
Directed by Shyama Prasad
Production Company: Arjun Creations
Starring: Irfan Khan(slumdog millionaire), Steven Berkoff, David Millbern, Heather Preete, Harish Patel

Cinema release 2007. 90min filmed on HD.
Directed by Niels Nørløv
Production company: Regner Grasten Film
The most selling movie overall in Denmark 2007 (biggest box office)

Family drama
Cinema release 2006. 90 min filmed on 35mm
Directed by Claus Bjerre
Production Company: ASA FILM, EASY FILM, SCANBOX
The Most selling movie overall in Denmark 2006

Family drama
Set in the 1950’s, a young orphan is abducted for an experiment in space.
Directed by Peter Flinth
Produced by Nordic Film Production
Starring: Ellen Hillingsø, Jesper Langberg, Ole Testrup, Axel Leth, etc.

Musical Drama
”….A dazzling musical about a young Arab woman facing deportation just as she is about to receive a heart transplant. The verve and intensity of the performers, the explosive score, excellent shooting in cinemascope, and socially observant lyrics made this film a price winner at festivals worldwide”
Kodak Award Jury Cannes int. Film festival, 2005
Directed by Martin de Lima
Produced by Stopfilm/Sweden
Starring: Alexander Skarsgård, Swen Wolter, Sara Sommerfeld, Lotta Tejle, etc.

As result of an accident, a young woman can no longer move, but still sees and hears
Directed by Martin Lima De Faria
Produced by Stop Film/Sweden
Starring Shanty Roney, Melinda Kinnaman, Tova Magnusson-Norling, etc.

Special effect movie/Family Drama
Directed by Thomas Borch-Nielsen
Production Company: Thura Film

Special effect Thriller
Directed by Lars Hesselholdt
Production company: Angel Films

Road movie in Copenhagen
Directed by Carsten Rudolf
Production Company: Nimbus Film


Police thriller TV-series
DoP on 2 x 52min
Directed by Martin Schmidt
Production Company: Danish National Television DR Fiction
EMMY AWARD for Best Foreign Drama

DOP on 2 x 52 min. Episodes 17 & 18
Directed by Niels Nørløv
Production company: Danish National Television DR Fiction

Legal Drama TV Series
Development of visual conzept and DOP on 8 x 52 minutes episodes
Directed by Jannik Johansen, Morten Arnfred, Claus Bjerre, Niels Gråbøl
Produced by Nordic Film Production
Starring: Paprika Steen, Lars Brygmann, Troels Lyby, Sonja Ricter, Jesper Lohmann

Drama, 5 x 52 min. episodes
Torben Forsberg was principal DOP for the project
Directed by Claus Bjerre
Produced by Easy Film
Starring: Jens Jørn Spottag, Tina Dickow, Peter Steen, Solbjørg Højfeldt, Søren Spanning etc.
Nominated for Best Cinematography at the International Madrid IMAGEN Cinematographers Festival 1998


TV series 5 x 42 min. episodes
Torben Forsberg was Director/Cinematographer
and full-time member on the 125-day expedition, with participation of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. A 3000 km journey on skis and dog-sledges around the northern coast of Greenland following in the footsteps of past explorers under the most testing of conditions on the planet where temperatures fall below -47 degrees celsius.
Torben Forsberg received personally ”The order of Merit” from her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
Produced by Nordic Film Production

“Against the Race”, 52 min.
15 days and 9.500 km from Portugal to Dakar through Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Senegal.
Torben Forsberg was fulltime driver(Volkswagen Touareg) and DOP in the rally
Directed by Wadt Thomsen
Production company: Thura FILM Production

Documentary –Feature 106 min. for cinema release
Subsequently released for television (4 x 52 min. episodes)
5 months sailing on board the 100-year–old yawl ”s/y Nordkaperen”
from Thailand to India, Oman, Eritrea, and Egypt.
A sailing travel adventure visiting 4 continents.
Directed by Ulrik Bolt-Jørgensen
Produced by Arena Film

52 min about the history of the navy’s work around Greenland and Iceland. Sailing 5 weeks on the Danish Navy expedition ship “Vædderen” to the most north-eastern tip of Greenland, being the first ship ever to sail this north.
52 min from a navy expedition in the Baltic Sea describing the early maritime wars between Denmark-Sweden
Director: Troels Kløvedal
Produced by Den Blå Delfin

in 1897, polar explorer Robert Peary invited six Greenlanders, among them Minik, a 6- year –old boy, and his father, to the Museum of Natural History in New York to become ”living” anthropological display.
Torben Forsberg traveled with his Aaton camera in Northern Greenland for four weeks together with six inuit hunters hunting for polar bears.
Amnesty International Award 2006
Directed by Staffan Julén
Produced by Haslund Film & Nimbus Film

"Expedition to the end of the world"
Haslund Film presents a real adventure film - but in a very modern sense. On a three-mast schooner aboard with artists, scientists and ambitions worthy of Noah or Columbus, we set off towards the end of the world: in this case, the rapidly melting ice massifs in North-East Greenland.
Director: Daniel Dencik

About the Dogon Tripe in Mali, West Africa
Directed by Søren Kragh Sørensen
Produced by M&M Productions

Documentary on the ways of communication between beduins and dolphins in Egypt, Red Sea.
Directed by Robert Fox
Produced for TV2 Television

Documentary about the Royal Danish Ballet’s director Flemming Flindt
Shot in Florida, Texas and Denmark.
Directed by Valerie Saunders
Produced by Easy Film

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