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Torgeir Ensrud is a talented Cinematographer and VFX Artist that grew up in Lørenskog, just outside of Oslo Norway. Growing up Torgeir was always interested in visual art, photography and VFX in particular. From starting out editing skydiving videos using 2 regular VCR’s, he now masters several of the hi-end editing, compositing and 3D applications on the market.
Torgeir has attended NISS (Nordisk Institutt for Scene og Studio), Robert Meyer Kunsthøgskole, Video A and the Gnomon School of Visual Effects.
He is a well rounded and diverse visual artist that has worked on and off set with everything from broadcast TV, commercials, music videos, to video games like "Anarchy Online", “Age of Conan” and “The Secret World”. He has worked professionally in several countries around the world, such as Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Morocco, the Czech Republic, and the USA.
Torgeir is also a certified commercial diver and an accomplished skydiver that has acted as a stunt double.
His visual expression is a mirror of his imagination, a dark and twisted world.

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