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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Norwegian Composer & arranger living in Sweden. Composing music for Film & Tv and performing arts. Writing string & orchestral arrangements for artists & ensembles. Solo-project featuring music created by his violin as the only acoustic source working with Ableton Live.

Tormod Tvete Vik was born in Norway in 1975 and is now living in Sweden since 2002. 
Tormod started to play the violin 6 years old at Trondheim Municipal School of Music and Culture. This led to violin studies at the Music Academy and freelance work in different ensembles like the TrondheimSoloists, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra and his own string quartet through many years. After further studies in composition/arranging at the Music Academy in Trondheim and the University of Oslo Tormod has worked as a fulltime composer & arranger. 
The past year he has studied film scoring at the University of Lillehammer.

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