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Hello! I'm Hunter Cone. I'm a 15 year old successful published photographer. I run my own company called Tornadocone Productions (
I have been published by WTOC and Savannah morning news as well as The South magazine. I shoot for a local private high school called Savannah Christian prep school as well as Savannah Christian Church. I shoot just about anything except for boudoir or nudes (even when I am over 18) I started shooting on a Minolta film camera and slowly moved to digital. I have been in the photography industry for about 6 years when I started as a young boy. My mom and my great grandma are also photographers in the savannah area.
I have a girlfriend who I love the most and we have been dating for full year on October 15th.
Her and I both love god and are non-denominational christian and knew each other for a good 4 years before we started dating. We meet at the church we currently attend

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Hello there! I'm Hunter Cone this is my WORDS!

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What do you do?

I'm a video journalist and I also make short films and videos for a living

I also have learned and studied Film, Cinematography, Photography, HTML/HTML5, and CSS 3

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