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  1. AATO

    22 videos

    DEMO of Video OnDemand Database www.aato.ca


    26 videos

    Demo of Digital Video Database www.aidwyc.org

  3. AV Canada DEMO

    28 videos

    AV Canada DEMO http://www.av-canada.com

  4. Canadian International Auto Show 2015

    21 videos

    Opening Presentations - Media Day Demo only

  5. Chinatown Festival 2011

    7 videos

    Belly Dance Performances

  6. CIAS2014

    15 videos

    Presentations by car companies at CIAS 2014 www.autoshow.ca

  7. City of Toronto Events

    74 videos

    DEMO Page of Event Videos 2 videos can be produced every day. We are starting to film in 4K for better quality Click on bottom for more videos http://wx.toronto.ca/festevents.nsf/

  8. CPSO

    5 videos

  9. Creative Vision Media

    30 videos

    Video projects shot with associate Peter Mykusz. Corporate assignments can be covered with a 4 camera crew filming with HD cameras utilizing a switcher. Webcasting, special events, video with PowerPoint and business communication are items that we record.. http://www.cvmedia.ca

  10. Essentialskillsontario

    9 videos

    DEMO only for video database

  11. Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe of Canada

    1 video

    Dance by Fiesta Filipin Dance Troupe

  12. Global

    15 videos

    Concept DEMO only Information Video Database for Training Producer: Jacob Yavelberg

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