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  1. Canadian International Auto Show 2015

    21 videos

    Opening Presentations - Media Day Demo only

  2. St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre

    24 videos

    DEMO ONLY of Digital Knowledge Database http://www.splc.ca/

  3. SIM-one

    25 videos

    DEMO for Concept Discussion Digital Video Database of Ontario's Best Specialists http://www.sim-one.ca/

  4. InsideToronto

    20 videos

    DEMO for Discussion www.insidetoronto.com

  5. Speakersforum

    21 videos

    Example of Digital Archives For CONCEPT discussion www.speakersforum.com

  6. Global

    15 videos

    Concept DEMO only Information Video Database for Training Producer: Jacob Yavelberg

  7. The Scarborough Hospital

    18 videos

    Video Database of Multi-Lingual Videos DEMO ONLY for Discussion The Scarborough Hospital: http://www.tsh.to/

  8. The Kidney Foundation of Canada

    21 videos

    Multi-Lingual Information on Kidney and Diabetes. DEMO ONLY for Discussion www.kidney.on.ca

  9. CIAS2014

    15 videos

    Presentations by car companies at CIAS 2014 www.autoshow.ca

  10. TBDC

    27 videos

    Demo of Video Database of Business Seminars http://www.tbdc.com

  11. AIDWYC

    26 videos

    Demo of Digital Video Database www.aidwyc.org

  12. Heritage

    53 videos

    DEMO Only to show Heritage Videos that generate interest. It's easy to produce 1 video per day. http://heritagetoronto.org/

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