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As a graduate of communication arts with strong emphasis on film, Torts already had the instinct for crafting a compelling story through visuals. He began his advertising career as a producer, working on countless commercials for various agencies. Through the years, his hunger to direct never waned. A curious mix of serendipity and wise patience allowed him to work with the country’s top directors and cinematographers. Through them, he learned the intricacies of technical expertise, the romance of food cinematography, and mastery of the narrative.

In 2005, Torts decided to try his hand at directing. His exposure to various techniques, coupled with his innate flair for storytelling, resulted in a personal style that is all at once, sumptuous and skilled, refined yet dramatic.

His works demonstrate a wide range of capabilities, from witty visual anecdotes, to poignant stories—all with an emphasis on solid narrative. “Within every visual is a great story waiting to be told. That’s how I’d like to think of myself—as a creative storyteller.”

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