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Celebrity Trainer, Online Fitness Biz Owner & Actor. I am passionate about using my life to pay it forward by helping others.

My passion for fitness began with the old-fashioned saying of “I was a fat teenager, uncomfortable in my own body”. He adds, “while auditioning for a film about cancer the casting director praised my talent but condemned my weight. Adolescence was hard for me; I ended up going into a three-year depression. During these hard times I received a wake-up call and felt I had to do something”.

Since I couldn't afford to join a gym, I decided the only way to accomplish this goal is to be within. Right away I got a front desk job in the fitness industry and studied as much as I could about fitness and personal training. My desire to learn as much as I could about fitness proved to be fruitful. My background in basic martial arts helped me become disciplined and focused.

New York has been my home. In addition to teaching cycling, cardio tai box, urban rebounding, cable flex, power flex, Kwando, body sculpting, Pilates reformer and doing personal training all over the city, my packed fitness classes has developed into my own creation. My belief is that anyone can reach their fitness goals if they want it bad enough. This is where becoming a personal trainer comes in; I realized that I can help educate more people if I did fitness coaching. I always wanted to help coach others into reaching their goals and continue to do so everyday.

I pride myself as a fitness coach, to motivate and help as many people as I can to reach there goals. My classes and coaching are about the people who walk through those doors, he teaches his classes the way I want to be taught when I walks into a class. My secrets for being one of New York's top fitness professionals…” fun”! “I want to change people's perception of a workout and help them to see it's more about having fun with results” I also add that it's something that was missing in the classes he took… “without fun there is no motivation. My motto is “The only person you have to impress in life is yourself”.

As 2009 I became the CEO of, I Have partnered up with Beachbody who brands products such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, Slim in 6, Rev Abs, Brazil Butt Lift, Ten Minute Trainer, Bodybeast and the wonder meal replacement Shakeology - plus the Beauty/Skin Care brand Derm Exclusive.

The Team Beachbody Coaches' Network, a nationwide group of Beachbody customers turned entrepreneurs, run their own businesses marketing Beachbody products and helping others start their own businesses. There are currently over 75,000 coaches in the Network, and growing! This is one of the best decisions I made. Am always looking for people to join my team and want to make an extra income. Please feel free to message me for info.

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