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Founded in October 2010. Toughshield Devices is the provider of rugged, robust smartphones for enterprise clients. The co-founders identified a need for a rugged phone that combines the ruggedised elements required by workers in extreme conditions with the features of a smartphone.

With vast experience in the telecommunications industry the Toughshield team has a passion for developing and designing total solutions for their clients. Their goal is not only to provide the hardware to Toughshield’s valued customers, but also to devise a complete solution with the help of its solution and application partners to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

After in-depth research of the rugged telecommunications market and analysing customer feedback to optimise their device, Toughshield launched its R500 rugged smartphone with Near Field Communication technology in October 2012. The R500 is the first and only device that combines rugged, smartphone and NFC features.

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