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Director: Jesus Garcia
Assistant Director: Reyna Cuellar
Producer: Maddy Johnston
Director of Photography: Evan Burns
Lighting Director: Brad Baker
Audio Director: Josh Brummett

Right of the Line
Kent Shannon, a seasoned marine, is returning home after his last tour in Iraq. He has been officially diagnosed with severe PTSD and now must learn to adjust to life at home with his wife Rachel and their son David. It is obvious that his PTSD is far worse than expected; his flashbacks and hallucinations seem to sink him further into darkness and depression. After lashing out at his son during a hallucination, Kent seeks the help and advice from his father Jasper, a Vietnam Vet, who also struggled with life at home. Jasper is now at peace with his past and has learned to cope through his faith in God. Jasper shares his beliefs with Kent and explains how he must follow God in order to save himself and his relationship with his family.