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Produced documentary feature film, Happiness Is (currently in distribution), amongst other projects in Austin, TX and New York including film work, marketing/branding videos and PSAs.

Have worked with Tribe Pictures, Faron West Productions, Honeypie Productions (Owner), Roadwings Entertainment, Cinetic/FilmBuff (distro).

Ever curious, ever drawn to creativity in all shapes and sizes.


  1. Zio Ziegler
  2. IQ Film
  3. Citizen
  4. jim bruno
  5. Amanda Lin Costa
  6. shinytv
  7. Collection Agency Films
  8. Lori Schmon
  9. Felicia Jamieson
  10. Jamie Rosenberg Cinematographer
  11. Owen Donovan
  12. Matthew Joffe
  13. Westpaw Films
  14. Tribe Pictures
  15. Andrew Shapter