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A native of small-town Wisconsin, Jeff Junior has a rich, decorated past and present as a Marine, Desert Storm veteran, award-winning financial advisor, dedicated husband, father and son. His parents’ memory is a continual source of inspiration to him. His late father, a business owner and former mayor, and his late mother, a registered Flight for Life nurse, instilled a sense of responsibility and community in Jeff that he incorporates into his business and his service.

Jeff believes strongly in liberty, personal responsibility and fulfilling his duty as a fiduciary to his clients. Inspired by the freedom created by the service of past veterans, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and was sent to Okinawa when he was 18. He also served in the Marine Expeditionary Unit during Desert Storm.

In 1997 he graduated from Campbell University then moved onto his true calling, the financial services industry, where his passion for finance, freedom, independence and service came together and, as a side benefit, gave him an excuse to don a neatly pressed suit and tie each day.

At 21 he embraced business ownership and his new career in financial services with enthusiasm and passion, two traits that have not ebbed over the past 15 years. Of course, the one thing that has changed over the last decade and a half is Jeff’s experience level in the industry. During those formative years, he worked his way up the ladder, eventually becoming the vice president of a broker-dealer and ultimately, a firm principal and investment advisor representative. Now you can often find him quoted in articles published by The Boston Globe, CNBC, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar and other major media outlets. You can also hear him as a guest on numerous radio shows, at any of a number of educational workshops, or winning one of many industry awards including membership in the Circle of Honor Society.

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