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My name is Trakan (pronounced "TRAY-kin"). I’m a community-oriented musician and songwriter from Chicago with two records in my “catalog” (and a new EP almost-ready for release later in 2013).

Along the way, I've produced a few videos to go along with my rock songs - songs which are often categorized as “dark”, “passionate”, or “brooding.” (I’m occasionally humbled by comparisons to Frank Black, Nick Cave, and/or Tom Waits.)

Production-wise, I’m a multi-instrumentalist of the DIY "indie" variety (I produce/engineer many of my recordings, code my own website, do most of my graphic design, and organize the project's web-based marketing - as well as I can).

But when a promotional task (like filming/editing a music video) ventures out of my comfort zone, I love collaborating with folks in Chicago's art/music community. Many local film-makers and actors have worked with me to make these videos possible.

Thanks to them. And thanks to you for your time. I hope you like what we’re doing.

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