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The artist group Transforma was founded in 2001 by Luke Bennett, Baris Hasselbach and Simon Krahl. They met while studying experimental film and media at the Berlin University of the Arts and and soon moved from making videos, sound works, and images to installations, live cinema and performance.

Transforma has also produced work in collaboration with musicians such as Apparat, Dieter Meier, Alex Banks, Chloé as well as the theatre director Sebastian Hartmann, choreographer Sônia Mota and the artist Yro.
Transforma has performed live and exhibited at festivals and venues around the world e.g. KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, Moscow International Biennial for Young Art, FAD Festival de Arte Digital in Belo Horizonte, Art.Ware Festival in Hong Kong, Sequences Festival in Reykjavik, CTM Festival in Berlin, Todays Art in Den Haag and Deutsches Theater Berlin.

Transforma has held workshops and artist talks at the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, the Berlin University of the Arts, the University of Hamburg and at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig.

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