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Lab: politicizing trans | trans_forming politics
Berlin 23-29 may 2012

This seven-day lab, consisting of workshops, a lecture series, an artistic exhibition and a party is meant to engage in new forms of communication, to connect different activists, organizations and institutions which want to work against discrimination, to exchange academic, political and artistic perspectives, and by that hope to enhance and deepen critical knowledge productions and politics about trans*_.

more infos:

lectures, workshop, party @ HU Berlin, Südblock, GLADT e.V., Lesbenberatung e.V.
exhibition to dyke trans | dis_visualizing re_locating de_silencing |
@ galerie funke, berlin kreuzberg

Organized by
Lann Hornscheidt, Tamás Jules Fuetty, Ja’n Sammla, Rüzgår Gökçe Buşki and Stephanie Urgast.
Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany in collaboration with InterGender (Swedish-International Research School in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies), Linköping University, Sweden.

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