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  1. BrooksFILMS

    BrooksFILMS Plus Manchester, United Kingdom


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    Film maker / Director http://www.facebook.com/stephenbrooksfilms

  2. Patryk Kizny

    Patryk Kizny Plus Wroclaw, Poland


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    Visual Director Head of Kizny Visuals Patryk Kizny is a visual director with exceptional eye for detail and drive for innovation. Combining bold artistic vision with high technical expertise and instinctively reaching for the most innovative technologies he creates visuals that stand out. Available…

  3. MKippen Photography

    MKippen Photography Bellevue, WA


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    Collaboration in videography with RBK productions - Mike Kippen (photographer), Bryce Schoonmaker (Editor), and Rich Martin (Producer/Director) - we are a 1 stop team avaialble for events, professional marketing, advertising or whatever you can dream up. Check us out at http://www.mkippen.com/videography…

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