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::: Traveling Muse is is a collective of filmmakers and artists dedicated to telling the stories of people whose voices are not heard, to exploring social activism, the collisions between art and spirituality, creating art communally, and celebrating our vagabond experience. :::

The dusty roads of history are littered with lonely storytellers and half-crazed street prophets. We aspire to their greatness. Ours is a pilgrimage of a lifetime--we exist to weave stories of lives less traveled. We have abandoned sleep to dream in celluloid. It has been said that history is written by the victors. We are here to tell the stories of the losers and the forgotten; to share our search for God in gritty parables and grainy fables. We seek to inform with delight, provoke and anger, speak justice to power, and inspire action. Come in, share your story. Welcome to our nomad journey.

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