Travis Michael Roche

Valley Village, California

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i dont like being under estimated.
i dont change for people. i am who i am.
i love doing anything that consists of outdoors.
i love nature. as stated above ^.
i have a great sense of humor.
i love riding bikes.
i love animals.
i love swimming.
i love playing soccer.
i love to eat. a lot.
i love sleep.
i love my car.
i am easily entertained.
i like to try and accomplish things on my own.
i love having a good time.
i will try things at least once.
i can be quite. but i can also be loud.
i like to write.
i often smile and laugh and act cheerful.
i am caring.
who i am is is what i am.
what i am is whatever i make of myself.
what i make of myself is whatever i want to make of myself.
what i want to make of myself is purely defined by me.
who i am is purely defined by me.
i am in no way, perfect.

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