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TRB Cinematography have quickly risen to become the market leaders within the wedding film industry, and have set the bar at the highest level. Our bespoke Cinematic films capture all the romance, intimacy and excitement of a bridal couple's once-in-a-lifetime day.

We take our assignments very seriously, giving our clients both peace of mind and a wonderful product. What sets us apart from the rest is the creation of a unique music score that will accompany your short film. In collaboration with our specialist musical team, our passion is to create a piece of music for every couple that they will treasure forever as the soundtrack to their wedding day. TRB are the only Bridal company that provides this service.

Our weddings films are so evocative and personal, that even guests who could not attend will feel they were there with you in every moment.

All of our couples will feel the same sense of excitement watching their wedding day back as they do when enjoying a Hollywood Blockbuster.

The big difference is - this is their own love story, these are their moments ...and they are the stars!